How it works

Are you a university student or grad student that will be relocating to a new city for a new full time position or internship in the next 12 months? Then, MeetGrads is for you! We provide an easy to use (free) service so you can meet other students from your school also moving to the same city. Use our service to make friends, find a roommate, and connect to alumni well in advance of your move.

There is no better way to build your friends and network in your new city than MeetGrads! You become part of a private community in your new city with others from your university. Making friends and connections with others from your university is easy…and fun!

We work in connection with your university to provide more of your peers to be invited and involved. And, your community is private…you only interact with others from your university. If you have any questions, reach out here.

You must be a student from one of our participating universities to use If your university is not participating, send us a quick line and we will reach out to them.

It’s easy to get started! Just register on our site using Facebook and then start connecting with other students also moving to your new city almost immediately in a private environment. Get Started Now!

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